Apple TV also arrives on PlayStation 5

Apple TV lands on PlayStation 5 with a dedicated app and already available on the store from the day of the launch of Sony's next-gen console

Apple TV lands on PlayStation 5, with a completely dedicated app available on the store, already from the day of the launch of the new console. The news had already been anticipated, showing the will of Sony to integrate on its new console the vast majority of the most interesting services and followed by users around the world.

It is therefore not an unexpected news, the presence of the Cupertino's bitten apple on PS5. Sony had widely spoken of the choice to expand the range of services on the model that is debuting these days, in Italy from November 19, and that slowly is going to peep into the homes of many gamers outside Europe. Together with Apple TV, there are in fact many content platforms that will allow, for free or by paid subscription if required by the type of contract, to view their content on PS5, giving the whole family a complete experience.

Apple TV on PlayStation 5, when it will be available

As anticipated, the Apple TV app will be available on the PlayStation Store already from the arrival in the home console, so you can enjoy from the earliest moments of the possibility of watching movies and TV series through PS5. The same goes for those who have the previous model, Sony PlayStation 4, for which the application is already available now.

Apple TV, a market segment in continuous expansion

With the arrival of PlayStation 5, Apple TV carves out another slice of the market that will be able to access its content easily, counting on a support optimized for streaming content. Not to mention that, through this same application, it is possible to connect to the streaming platform Apple TV+, with exclusive subscription content.

With a cost that in Italy stands at the figure of 4.99 euros per month, the exclusive streaming platform of Cupertino will cover a potential market share slightly below 10 million users, considering the projections of sales of the console in the first months of life. To this number must be added the more than 110 million units, 47 million in Europe alone, of PS4 on which it will be possible to install the Apple TV app and thus tickle the fancy of gamers in possession of the previous model.

Apple TV, on what you can install the app

Apple TV adds another notch to that of personal achievements, given the spread of its app already on the next-generation Xbox consoles, as well as smart TVs from various manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung and LG. Last but not least are the various devices and set-top boxes, on which Apple TV is slowly appearing to make its presence universal.