Apple Tv+ arrives on Google TV: how to watch shows

With the arrival of the Apple TV app on Google TV platform, you can also stream content from Apple TV+ subscription: here's how to do it.

Google TV is the intelligent content aggregator developed by Google for the latest version of Chromecast and for modern smart TVs and, from today, you can use it to search for movies and TV series even within the Apple TV+ catalog. This was announced by Google itself, with a post on its official blog.

The availability of Apple TV+ on Google TV is global, so even Italian users will be able to watch content from Apple's subscription service on Google's dongle and will be able to do so at the highest quality available. Until yesterday it was possible to watch Apple TV+ on iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs, gaming consoles, Roku dongles and Amazon Fire Sticks, while on other devices it was necessary to view them through a browser. This news is beneficial for both Apple and Google: the former greatly expands the potential audience for its service, the latter can collect data and preference from Apple TV+ users as well.

How to see Apple TV+ on Google TV

To see Apple TV+ on Google TV you need to install the new Apple TV app (without "+") on your Google device. To do this you need to turn on Google TV and, in the main menu go to "Apps", then scroll down with the remote to "Search app" and press the middle button on the remote.

The virtual keyboard will open, through which we can type "Apple TV" and launch the search. Immediately the Chromecast will tell us "Here's Apple TV on the Google Play Store" and allow us to install the app. Once the Apple TV app is installed we'll have to use that to watch Apple TV+ programs.

Apple TV+, with the power of Google

Google TV, as we said, is a content aggregator. Basically, it's a software layer that relies on all the data Google collects about the user, thanks to which the Mountain View giant can suggest what to watch based on our tastes and our history.

You can also use Google TV as a search engine: just enter a term to see all the coherent content appear, which Google fishes out of all the services to which we are subscribed (and of which we have installed the relevant apps on Google TV).

Google TV, in fact, is a free service but doesn't allow you to watch anything (aside from free YouTube videos) if we don't have at least a subscription to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and, now, even Apple TV+. Like all of Google's products and services, which rely on the massive collection of data about user behavior, Google TV becomes more effective the more you use it.