Apple Watch 4: the smartwatch that does the electrocardiogram

Apple Watch 4 integrates a new feature that allows you to do the electrocardiogram and monitor the health of your heart

It is the Apple Watch 4 to open the event that Apple organized in Cupertino to present its new devices. The predictions of the eve have been confirmed: the new Apple Watch 4 is a device designed to monitor your health. Apple has integrated new sensors capable of monitoring your heartbeat at any time and even perform an electrocardiogram.

This new feature turns the Apple Watch 4 into a real medical device that can be used easily by any user. But this is not the only new feature of the Cupertino company's new smartwatch: the Apple Watch 4 also features two new screens that are larger than the past model. The 38mm display increases to 40mm and the 42mm display to 44mm: this was possible by eliminating the bezels and making the smartwatch borderless. The overall dimensions of the smartwatch, however, remain the same. The Apple Watch 4 also mounts a new wheel that allows you to interact even more easily with apps. The Apple Watch 4 will be available for pre-order from September 14 and shipments will begin on September 21. The smartwatch will come in two versions: one with GPS only (price 439 euros) and another with LTE support (price 539 euros). In Italy, the LTE version will also be available thanks to the agreement between Apple and Vodafone. The Apple Watch 4 will come to market with the operating system watch OS5.

Features Apple Watch 4 Italy

A smartwatch designed for health, fitness and connectivity. These are the three factors that have guided the development of the Apple Watch 4. The differences from the previous model are immediately noticeable: the screen has rounded corners that have allowed Apple to eliminate the bezels and make the first bordeless smartwatch. This new solution has also allowed the use of larger displays: the 38mm screen goes to 40mm, while the 42mm screen reaches 44mm.

But the biggest news is present under the screen: inside the wearable we find the new S4 processor and the new sensors that monitor the heartbeat. Thanks to these new sensors, the Apple Watch 4 is able to perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) and diagnose atrial fibrillation. If there are any abnormalities, the test can be downloaded as a PDF and sent to your doctor. Initially, however, this feature will only be available for the U.S. market.

The Digital Crown, the side button found on the Apple Watch, has also undergone major changes. Apple has redesigned it to make it compatible with the ECG (you need to touch the crown for 30 seconds to perform the electrocardiogram) and to facilitate interaction with apps.

On the fitness side, new activities (Yoga and Hiking) have been added to the dedicated app developed by Apple. The battery life should also be improved and guarantee a day's use.

Apple watch 4 Cellular also in Italy

This year, the Apple Watch was also made in two versions: one with only GPS support and a Cellular model that allows you to make calls directly from the smartwatch. Last year, the latter version did not arrive in Italy, but now Apple has taken action: thanks to an agreement with Vodafone, the Apple Watch 4 Cellular will be available in Italy. Thanks to the eSim, the smartwatch is much more autonomous and can be used even without the support of the smartphone.

Price and release Apple Watch 4 in Italy

The Apple Watch 4 will be available in Italy both in GPS version, and Cellular that allows you to make calls directly from the smartwatch thanks to the presence of an eSim (apple has made an agreement with Vodafone).

The GPS model with 40mm display will be sold at the price of 439 euros, while for the version with 44mm screen the cost increases by 30 euros.

For the Cellular version with 40mm screen the price is 539 euros, for the model with 44mm display the cost always increases by 30 euros. The version made by Nike and designed for athletes will have the same price.

The release of the Apple Watch 4 will also be accompanied by the classic accessories, such as fine leather and loop mesh straps. The price, however, in this case increases and can touch even 1,000 euros. The Apple Watch 4 will be available for pre-order from September 14 and shipments will begin on September 21, the same day the smartwatch goes on sale in stores.