Apple Watch 7 will have a larger screen and new watch faces

The debut of Apple Watch Series 7 is closer, and as usual there are many rumors that try to anticipate the new features: here are those for the display

On Apple Watch Series 7 is expected a small revolution. Not so much at the functional level, because the smart watch of Apple over the generations has been enriched with many functions: from the continuous detection of the heartbeat that has always been there to the ECG through the sensor of oxygen saturation.

What in terms of design since from Apple Watch Series 7 the lines of the Apple tech watches will change a lot. Apple will align the aesthetic concept that debuted on the iPhone 12 to its Watch as well, with the frame shapes going from being rounded, as seen so far, to being sharp in order to draw square profiles. Along with the novelties at the base of the stylistic philosophy, will come an optimization of the surface "active" that had never been seen in these terms: the black bezels around the display will be reduced to the bone, and this together with the slight increase in the size of the case will give buyers of Apple Watch Series 7 a larger screen.

Bigger screen for Apple Watch 7

On the wrists of those who will buy one will therefore be a watch with a display larger than ever before. Of this they are convinced a bit 'all, and in recent days has not come an indiscretion that said otherwise, so the novelty can be trusted even though the rumors are uncertain by nature.

Of the news has spoken recently Mark Gurman, a fairly reliable source in terms of Apple devices. The Bloomberg journalist reiterated that according to his sources, the edges of the case will be flat, and the same will grow from the current 40 and 44 millimeters to 41 and 45 millimeters.

Consequently, the diagonal of the display will be greater, also by virtue of the better optimization of the bezels, as mentioned above: from the current 1.78 inches with 360 x 448 pixels, those of the Series 6 44 mm, will pass to 1.9 inches with 396 x 484 pixels Apple Watch Series 7.

Designers would also have used a novel lamination technique that will allow the LTPO OLED screen to be brought closer to the protective glass, which will give a greater sense of immersion also by virtue of the increase in usable surface area estimated at 16 percent compared to the current generation, so you'll have more information on the Apple Watch Series 7 screen.

Awaiting many new watch faces

To take advantage of the advantage, Apple would have adjusted some of the existing watch faces but would also have prepared new ones. Gurman speaks of one in particular that will be known as Modular Max, in fact an optimized version of the existing modular Infograph, the one richer in information among the dozens proposed. The new Modular Max, from what we learn, will show in the same screen time, date, temperature or quick access to an app and larger complications.

Among the unreleased watch faces also Continuum, Atlas and World Timer, as well as others specific to Nike and Hermes models. Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to debut on Sept. 14, along with the iPhone 13s expected - also - with big news.