Apple Watch: Amazon, eBay and Google Maps are no longer available

Numerous apps, including Google Maps, eBay and Amazon have withdrawn support for the Apple Watch. The causes? At the moment they remain shrouded in mystery

Not able to use Google Maps on the Apple Watch anymore? Don't worry, your wearable is not at fault. For some time now, in fact, some of the most popular external applications used by the Apple smartwatch are no longer available.

According to the latest news, several hi-tech companies have quietly withdrawn their apps from the Apple Watch. The removed apps include, in addition to Google's satellite navigation software, eBay and Amazon. There is no precise information about these moves, which still remain unexplained. It is not known, for example, if the decision of many apps to withdraw support for Apple wearables is only due to technical issues, or if the Californian company itself is behind this mass abandonment. Google confirmed the choice, stressing that it might only be temporary.

Applications no longer  available for several weeks

Many of the apps, which have left the bitten apple wearable devices, have not been available for several weeks already. That means users can no longer use the Apple Watch to navigate Google Maps, make a purchase on Amazon or buy a used product on eBay. At least for the time being.

Just now in its second version -a third one is planned for September-the Cupertino company's wearables have encountered some difficulties since their launch. Especially with regard to the number of applications available, judged too dependent on iPhones. The Californian company has, however, tried to run for cover, updating the operating system for Apple wearables. WatchOS3, introduced in late 2016, allows developers to create standalone applications, i.e. software that can run without the need to connect the Apple Watch with the iPhone.