Apple Watch, possible use as an emergency electrocardiograph

Apple is reportedly testing with other partners the Apple Watch's effectiveness in detecting irregular heartbeats

Smartwatches, over time, are transforming from simple devices to keep track of your workout and count calories burned, to useful health tools. Among these wearables, one of the most advanced will be the Apple Watch 3, which in the future could be used as an emergency electrocardiograph.

According to CNBC, the Cupertino-based company is reportedly perfecting an advanced system to allow the Apple Watch to detect possible heart disease. The Cupertino-founded company, which today will present the highly anticipated iPhone X, would be working on the project with a team of researchers from Stanford University and America Well, a company expert in telemedicine solutions. The aim of the study is to verify if the Apple Watch's sensors can be used to record the presence of irregular heartbeats, which in some cases can hide heart disease.

The study

The group of scientists and experts, in collaboration with Apple, therefore aims to test the potential of the Apple Watch 3. If the sensor that measures the heartbeat will be able to detect possible abnormalities accurately, such as atrial fibrillation, a condition suffered by many people that leads the heart to have an irregular rhythm, it could be helpful especially towards those who have heart problems.

A wake-up call

The Apple smartwatch could play a really important role, if the test results are positive. The wearable could act as a sort of wake-up call, prompting users to go to a specialist.

This is not the first time that the Apple Watch has been used to conduct such experiments. Some time ago, in fact, a study by the University of California and Apple Watch Cardiogram showed that the wearable device from Cupertino is capable of detecting atrial fibrillation with a very high accuracy.