Apple Watch with round screen that recharges by turning the crown

In the future, the Apple Watch could integrate a digital crown that by turning would be able to offer extra charging to smartwatches

Apple has some news in store for its next series of smartwatches. According to what emerges from one of the latest patents granted to the Californian company, in the future to recharge the wearable will be sufficient to turn a crown.

In the new patent, recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, is in fact described a technology, which apparently seems outdated, to recharge the smartwatch. In reality, the system can not be used to replace traditional charging, but only to accumulate an amount of energy necessary to prevent the shutdown of the wearable device. The latest patent is added to a series of patents that always have as object the Apple smartwatch. A few weeks ago, in fact, the USPTO granted Cupertino 35 new patents in which they speak almost exclusively of technologies to be integrated into wearables.

How the digital crown works

Returning to the latest patent, from what you can guess from the document, the extra charge would be obtained by rotating the digital crown of the wearable. The rotating element would create, in fact, a magnetic field that in turn would activate a small power generator. There are currently no indications about the future of this new charging system: will it be included on the next Apple Watch? It's hard to say.

Apple Watch 3: will they have a circular dial?

The Apple Watch 3  could also present other interesting innovations. Some patents, in fact, show devices with slimmer designs. The Californian company might decide to change the shape of the dial: from rectangular to circular. At this point, we just have to wait a few months - most likely it will be September - to see which and how many of these new technologies will actually be included in the third-generation Apple Watch.