Apple, with iOS 10.3 you’ll be able to search for lost wireless headphones

Apple has updated iOS 10 by releasing some new features that will impact Siri usage, improving user usability

Apple has released the iOS 10 update.Among the most anticipated new features are certainly the Theater Mode on Apple Watch, the function to find lost or stolen AirPods, and a whole series of improvements to Siri, the personal assistant of Cupertino. Let's take a look at the main new features of the Apple update.

iOS 10.3 expands the "Find my iPhone" feature useful in case of loss or theft of your smartphone with the specific section "Find my AirPods" that allows you to find the wireless headphones signed Cupertino. How can we use it? By logging into your iCloud account, you can now view the current location, or the last known location of your AirPods, and play a sound on either earbuds or both. As mentioned, however, iOS 10.3 is characterized mainly by a number of improvements inherent in Siri, the artificial intelligence present on Apple devices.

The new Siri features with iOS 10.3

With iOS 10.3 Apple has extended the compatibility of its personal assistant to more services. Among Siri's new features will be banking and payment support. The voice assistant will also be able to be used for driving support applications such as CarPlay and the like. So Siri can now be used on your Apple device to pay bills, plan a trip or check the level of gasoline left, and its range in terms of kilometers, on your car.

Carplay improvements

We've already mentioned Apple's car app, CarPlay, which was created specifically to use certain functions of the iPhone while driving. For example, directions, making phone calls, sending and receiving messages or listening to music. With iOS 10.3 it will be easier to manage your music while driving. In addition, there will be new features for creating playlists, and you can listen to daily playlists with the latest trends, and several albums and music categories from various international artists have been updated.

Voting for Apps

With iOS 10.3 developers will have improvements applicable to app ratings and it will be easier to judge the various apps you download. To do so, it will no longer be necessary to exit the app and enter the Store, but the whole process can be handled within the app itself. This makes feedback quicker, easier and more intuitive to enter. There are also a number of improvements to the maps, thanks to a 3D navigation these will also help in finding parking spaces and weather forecasts. On the calendar with iOS 10.3 users will be able to delete received invitations and flag them for spam.iOS 10.3 also uses new Apple File System (APF), which is useful for freeing up space on the device in a smart way.

WatchOS 3.2

Apple has also updated the  software for the Apple Watch. The update to WatchOS 3.2 adds a new Theater mode that allows users to easily mute the audio on their smartwatch. This way, all notifications will be handled with haptic feedback only. In addition, the update extends all the new features of Siri to the Apple Watch. So with smartwatches you will now be able to make payments, book car-sharing, text or manage your workouts with the help of Cupertino's personal assistant.

How to update the operating system

To update iOS on your iPhone or iPad, just select Settings> General> Software Update. To update watchOS on your Apple Watch, on the other hand, you need to connect the smart watch on its charger, open the Apple Watch tab on your smartphone, then go to My Watch> General> Software Update.