Apple working on iPad 5G: will arrive in 2021

From Asia and the United States continue to arrive rumors about the next iPad Pro. The tablet of the bitten apple will have 5G connection and mini-LED display

The iPhone 12 will be able to dowry a novelty awaited for some years by fans of the devices of the bitten apple. The applephone (or, rather, the applephones, since there should be 4) that will be unveiled in September will have 5G connectivity, thus closing the gap with Android devices that offer this feature for two years now.

The house of Cupertino, however, does not intend to stay with "hands on" and wants to increasingly expand the range of devices with ultrafast mobile connection. According to several analysts, in fact, Apple technicians are also working on an iPad equipped with 5G chip, which should arrive on the market in the first half of 2021. That is, about six months after the launch of the iPhone 12 5G. A rather tight schedule, in short, a sign that the parts of Cupertino believe strongly on mobile connectivity "broadband".

As will be the iPad Pro 2021

According to rumors coming from Asia and the United States, however, 5G chips will be just one of the many innovations that Apple intends to bring to market with the iPad Pro 2021. Connectivity will probably be guaranteed by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G modem, the "top of the line" as far as mobile connectivity is concerned at the moment.

As far as displays are concerned, instead, the Cupertino company intends to introduce mini-LED technology which, by exploiting increasingly smaller pixels, is able to offer an image quality (almost) comparable to that offered by OLEDs but at a much lower price. A "low cost" solution, in short, but that will ensure excellent results in terms of quality.

When will be presented the iPad Pro 2021

On the launch date of the next iPad Pro there is still much uncertainty. Although the "usual" Ming-Chi Kuo, among the most informed analysts on the facts of the Apple house, claims that we will have to wait perhaps the end of 2021 before seeing a new iPad Pro with 5G connectivity and mini-LED display, others claim that the wait will be shorter.

As we read on the pages of the Taiwanese DigiTimes, a new iPad Pro was expected by the end of 2020. However, we should not exclude the possibility that the health emergency related to the new Coronavirus has messed up the plans of the top management of the bitten apple and, as happened with the iPhone 12, they were forced to delay the release of their new tablet.