Apple’s AR visor will arrive, but not when everyone expects it

Apple working on next revolutionary product: it's the AR visor that's being talked about more and more often, which could arrive in 2022 but not on the market

The anticipation for Cupertino's AR visor is starting to mount, towards which two "heavyweights" of Apple preview information such as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo - who in the past hasn't been wrong with many predictions - and journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg - always informed about Apple's moves - have spoken in a few days.

A couple of days ago Kuo was very clear about the way in Cupertino they are approaching the AR viewer project. Apple would have in mind a product that in a few years could supplant the iPhone, giving birth to a revolution similar in importance and scope to the one that, thanks to the visionary approach of Steve Jobs, more than a decade ago gave birth to smartphones as we know them today. In the future, reported Kuo, the AR viewer of Apple will not need a Mac or an iPhone to work: it will be totally autonomous, and so it can take the place of the latter.

The difficulties of an ambitious project

On the viewer with Apple for augmented and virtual reality has spoken in recent hours a well-known gironalista of Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, during his weekly podcast Power Up. The journalist shared with fans the information he came into possession, according to which Apple is really working on an AR viewer with the aim of presenting it in 2022.

The point is that the project could be unveiled next year, but between the announcement and the actual availability on the market could pass quite some time. First of all for the shortage of chips that afflicts the industries from the pandemic onwards, which would make it even more difficult for Apple to develop a very ambitious project such as the AR viewer that, precisely for this reason, implies difficulties not negligible.

To realize the AR viewer that Apple has in mind in fact in Cupertino would have invested a lot of money in research and development because, warns Gurman, "it will have a complex design and expensive to make". Apple, in short, wants to do things "Apple-style", bringing to market a technologically advanced product, refined in functionality and design but at the same time affordable for everyone.

Announcement in 2022, on the market even in 2023

As a result, Apple could present its AR viewer at the usual annual conference for developers, which is usually held at the beginning of summer, but the product could actually be available for purchase in late 2022 or even in 2023. Gurman recalled how it wouldn't be an unheard of practice for Apple to defer presentation from a product's availability.

Rare yes, unheard of no. Just look, as he recalled, at the first-generation Apple Watch, which arrived in stores 227 days after its announcement. But every cloud has a silver lining, as Apple could use the time window to push marketing - an area in which it has few rivals - to increase fan anticipation, work alongside developers to support its AR viewer properly with apps, and then launch in style.