Apple’s VR viewer will focus on gaming, multimedia and video calling

More information is filtering in about Apple's first VR viewer. According to a reliable source, there will be three main areas

Apple's VR viewer is being talked about with increasing insistence in recent times. Although the rumors about it are relatively "recent", it seems that Apple has been working in great secrecy for some time on its unreleased project, and that it is ready to make it official to the world as early as 2022, chip crisis permitting.

To return to the Apple VR viewer is the famous Mark Gurman, Bloomberg journalist who has a very deep knowledge of what happens in Cupertino, within the armored corridors of the headquarters of Apple. In the usual weekly appointment Power On, Gurman showed himself on the same wavelength of the recent anticipations of another "heavy" voice in Apple. The analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, in fact, had reported that Apple is working on a VR viewer that in a few years could supplant the iPhone, thus giving rise to a revolution similar to that which more than a decade ago gave birth to smartphones as we know them today.

The three areas of choice of Apple's VR visor

Also Gurman, like Kuo, argues that at least initially the first Apple's visor can take the place of iPhone, iPad or Mac, leaving however that in the long run he also believes credible that Apple's VR visor can replace a part of the existing products.

Based on the information obtained, Gurman reports that Apple's novelty will focus on three main areas: games, multimedia and video calls. "Games," the journalist claims, "will be important for the VR visor, especially considering that it will have more than a processor, a fan, ultra-high resolution displays and a specially developed App Store. Apple will try to realize the dream device of any game developer."

Games, then, in Apple's intentions will be one of the main activities that will have to make the best on its VR visor. "Then - he continues - will come the multimedia content, and I expect Apple to make agreements so that specific content will come that will make the best on VR visors (like his, ed). Finally, it will give the best for video calls and communication in general".

When Apple's VR viewer arrives

Anyhow, Gurman underlines, despite the considerable economic and human resources that Apple is allocating to the project, the success or failure of the Apple VR viewer will be decreed, as always, by the reception of the public. And the biggest problem will come from the price, which will inevitably be high, indeed very high, due to the fact that, being an unreleased device, it will carry with it a good part of the costs that Apple will imprint from here to the launch for its development.

At present, the hypothesis is that the Apple VR viewer will have a price of at least $ 3,000, therefore inaccessible to many fans, although the latter, if they are customers of Apple, are generally accustomed to prices above average. The price may drop over the years, when Apple will have amortized part of the development costs and can then offer its visor at lower figures, making it accessible to most.

Apple's VR visor should arrive in 2022, presumably in the latter part of the year.