Apple’s wireless charger only works well with iPhone 12

Apple has unveiled its new MagSafe wireless charger and the very first tests on various devices show that it only works well with iPhone 12

Apple's new MagSafe wireless charger has been unveiled along with the new iPhone 12 series. If to see the smartphones we will have to wait until November, the MagSafe has already arrived to some users who have begun to test it and discovered that it works well only with iPhone.

The site Macworld has received the Apple wireless charger and, waiting for the first iPhone 12 (which despite a price certainly not popular are having an incredible success in pre-orders), has begun to conduct tests to see if it works well only with iPhone 12. has begun to conduct tests to verify the speed and efficiency of charging. The MagSafe supports charging up to 15 W for iPhone 12 and is compatible with Qi charging for iPhone 8 and later models, as well as for AirPods with charging case and has a unique feature that, according to Apple, should solve the problem of inefficient charging due to misalignment between device and charger: MagSafe, in fact, is magnetic and attaches to the iPhone 12 right at the coil for wireless charging. But how does it work with all other devices equipped with wireless charging? The American site has tested the wireless charger with various devices, both Apple and Samsung and Google, and the results have not always been as hoped.

MagSafe and Apple: test results

The test with iPhones and other Apple devices has shown important results, since the charger would seem to work well only with iPhone 12. The MagSafe didn't stick to either the iPhone SE or iPhone 11, let alone to iPads, AirPods and even Apple Watch: this means that the Cupertino company didn't put hidden magnets in its devices.

As far as charging is concerned, iPhone SE and iPhone 11 were charged, but not in such an efficient way to recommend its purchase for these devices. The Apple Watch Series 6, on the other hand, is not charged by the MagSafe, nor is the iPad Pro. Charging the AirPods Pro, on the other hand, requires placing them in the correct way.

MagSafe and Samsung: test results

Apple's new MagSafe wireless charger was then tested with several Samsung devices and managed to charge them, albeit with slower charging than hoped for. Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 attached very well to the charger and was charged, as was the Galaxy S10 +.

Apple's charger attached well to all Samsung smartphones tested by the Macworld site, but failed to make contact with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, despite the smartwatch supporting Qi charging, nor therefore charge it.

MagSafe and Google Pixel: test results

The Macworld site also tested the wireless charger with Google Pixel devices. The MagSafe hooked up well with the Pixel 4Xl, even managing to charge it and working very well. In contrast, the new Pixel 5 with aluminum case attached to the MagSafe, but charging didn't start either.