Asian Games 2022: there will be no eSports

In the Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou in 2022 there is no room for eSports: disappointment of fans and professionals

No eSports in the Asian Games 2022. The news came officially after the Asian Olympic Committee announced the schedule of events that will take place in Hangzhou in two years and surprised - not in a positive way - all fans and eSports professionals.

This is because not only eSports are particularly in vogue in Asia (in Europe it has also attracted VIPs and sportsmen), but also because last year the event had hosted demonstration events on Pes and particularly famous games to test the ground. It seemed to be a step forward towards the official acceptance of eSports at the next Asian Games, but apparently the hopes of the insiders have been disillusioned.

The news is even more surprising if you think about how much eSports have grown in recent years, both in terms of audience and in an economic sense. The sports world, however, still seems to be not ready to take this step. Which side are you on?