Athena, the smart bag that helps you not to forget anything

Athena has a system capable of scanning the objects present in the bag and signaling the user, through a special app, those forgotten

In recent years, to meet the needs of the many forgetful people who forget or lose smartphones and other important objects, various devices have been designed and launched on the market. And soon, to this list, we could also add Athena, an all-Italian smart bag.

The device has been patented by Quasar, a company based in Florence. It is a chip that, as far as we know, is able to scan the objects in the bag and report to the user, through a special app, those forgotten. A system, therefore, very useful and all Made in Italy. And that's not all. The bag is also a valuable tool for transferring files from one device to another without using any cable. In fact, more than an item of clothing, Athena is a system that uses NFC technology, which stands for Near Field Communication, a technique of bidirectional short-range wireless data transmission.

How Athena works

Thanks to the smart bag of the Italian company, forgetting objects will be more difficult. The heart of the technology is represented, as seen, by the NFC chip. And that's not all. Without the dedicated application, for smartphones or other mobile devices, Quasar's system could not work at all. The app, in fact, serves to create a list of useful objects not to be forgotten. The chip, inserted in the bag, through some tags identifies all the items contained within the garment and if it notices that some are missing, compared to those in the list developed with the application, it alerts the user through a notification. The technology of Quasar can be used not only in bags, but also in trolleys or suitcases.