Atypical: quando arriva e di cosa parla l’ultima stagione

La quarta e ultima stagione di Atypical è in arrivo in streaming su Netflix a partire dal prossimo 9 luglio: ecco tutte le anticipazioni


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Sam Gadner è un giovane autistico alle prese con la vita di tutti i giorni. Lui è il protagonista di Atypical, la serie televisiva di Netflix che arriva alla sua quarta e ultima stagione. With the launch of the official trailer, so comes the date of the arrival on streaming: fans will have to wait until next July 9.

The television series born from the pen of creator Robia Rashid deals with the issues of inclusiveness and does so with great delicacy but also realism. The latest trailer featuring Sam, played by actor Keir Gilchrist, anticipates a heartwarming series finale. "Beginnings can be tragic, but that doesn't mean they're bad," says the young autistic boy, who after finishing college will have to face a new chapter in his life and make important decisions for his future.

Atypical: the plot of the fourth season

In the fourth and final season of Atypical we face a new chapter in the life of Sam, who will go to live in an apartment with his colleague Zahid, played by Nik Dodani. Once in the life of the protagonist, who thus leaves the overprotective mother Elsa, who has the face of actress Jennifer Jason Leigh, and his father Doug (Michael Rapaport).

The third season will also see the coming out of Casey ( Brigette Lundy-Paine), Sam's sister who finds herself in love with her friend Izzie (Fivel Stewart). A Sapphic love, although Izzie's mother believes that her daughter's is "just a phase".

This season will also be full of new and delicate issues to deal with, in line with our changing society. And Sam will have to take a step toward her future, despite all the doubts, as she reveals to Professor Judd (Sara Gilbert), "After college? I have no idea. I didn't even think I'd make it this far."

Atypical: when the final season arrives

The Atypical series had reached its third season, winning over fans of the Gadner family. Then in February 2020 Netflix confirmed: the adventures of Sam would continue for a fourth season, which will also be the final one.

The fourth season will consist of 10 episodes of about 30 minutes that will be broadcast on the Netflix streaming platform starting next July 9. We just have to wait to find out the events and how it will evolve until the finale.