The new Honor laptops arrive in Italy: prices and features

Of the four models presented in China, Honor brings two also in Italy. The price, however, has been adjusted upward a lot and the Italian Honor MagicBook X are much less convenient than expected The new Honor MagicBook X laptops 14 and 15 inches are available in Italy, six months after the launch in China. … Read more

How hashtags work on Instagram

Hashtags on Instagram, if used correctly, can make your posts more visible to the public: find out how to use them. In an increasingly connected world where sharing is the watchword, the correct use of hashtags on Instagram can be very useful. What is in fact one of the most powerful tools made available by … Read more

Apple blackmailed: “pay or we block 500 million iPhones”

Hackers allegedly hacked Apple users’ email and iCloud accounts. A ransom of $75,000 in BitCoin was demanded Hackers’ tools are becoming more and more sophisticated, and not only from a “technical” point of view. Wicked are also the strategies used to extort money from the poor victims. Especially companies know something about it, as they … Read more