Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 780G: it’s a low cost 888

The new processor will be used on mid-to-high-end smartphones of 2021-22. After confirming its leadership in high-end and ultra-high-end processors, respectively with the Snapdragon 870 and the Snapdragon 888, now Qualcomm presents its new SoC dedicated to the step immediately below: the mid-to-high-end. This is the new Snapdragon 780G 5G. It will be positioned as … Read more

What is the SoC chip and why is it important for your smartphone

Technology advances, and with it, component designations change. Like SoC, an acronym that identifies the evolution of processors. They were once known as “processors” and few had any doubts about what they were. For a few years now, we’ve been talking about SoCs incessantly, and not for fashion or an exercise in style, but because … Read more