The smartwatch that can find out if you’re happy, sad or anxious

MIT researchers have developed wearable software that reveals a person’s emotions based on the way they speak Software capable of sensing a person’s mood. Researchers at Boston’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have managed to develop an app to be installed in smartwatches that uses algorithms to monitor audio, text transcripts and bio-signals to find … Read more

PEC to receive electronic invoices, because it’s convenient for everyone

Certified Electronic Mail is the most convenient tool for individuals to receive electronic invoices. Here’s why From January 1, 2019, there are no excuses that hold. After the postponements of the past years and months, with the beginning of the new year, electronic invoicing has become mandatory even between private individuals. Italy is the first … Read more

Who is Gino, latest social catchphrase of 2017

Hundreds of Instagram posts literally submerged by the comment “Gino”. Merit, if we can say so, of a youtuber and his many fans If you happened to see a story or a post on Instagram (but it could also happen with a photo on Twitter or a video on Facebook) overwhelmed by the comment “Gino”, … Read more