Google One, how much does 5 TB of space cost in Italy

Since Google took away the free cloud space for photos and videos, GBs are no longer enough: so here comes also in Italy a new Google One 5 TB plan, but there is a free alternative From June 1, 2021 Android users had to say goodbye to one of the biggest advantages of using the … Read more

WhatsApp virus: the latest danger runs online. Beware of email

In recent days some hackers are trying to scam users by sending emails to users. The State Police warns Italians “WhatsApp free for a year. Open here.” If you have received such an email in recent days be careful: it is not any extraordinary offer, but only the latest attempt of hackers to take possession … Read more

Truffe online, Polizia Postale: non fate i muli, si rischia la galera

Ecco cos’è un “Money Mule” e cosa si rischia, anche dal punto di vista penale, a fare il mulo per contro dei cybercriminali. Nei giorni scorsi, grazie all’operazione Emma 6 della Polizia Postale, sono stati resi noti dati allarmanti sulle truffe online e, soprattutto, su come vengono riciclati i soldi guadagnati illecitamente. Molto spesso i … Read more

Galaxy S8, no dual camera for Samsung top of the range

The new device, according to the latest news, will not mount a dual camera. Meanwhile, a new video on the touchscreen has appeared on the web New rumors arrive about the Samsung Galaxy S8, the next top of the range of the South Korean company. Contrary to previous rumors, the new smartphone should not support … Read more