The best Android apps to install on your smartphone

This is the most well-stocked online app store on the market: the Google Play Store is the king jammer in terms of the number of apps available (beating the App Store by a wide margin). The reason is very simple: Android users are many more than iOS users and it’s easier for developers to make … Read more

Fortnite, modification of wind tunnels and removal of shotguns

In spite of the timely intervention, Epic Games is testing other solutions that perhaps we will see in the next update With the arrival of Fortnite Season 9, a lot of new features have been included, including cities, weapons, items never seen before and many surprises. The Battle Royale, however, has some less balanced features … Read more

Warrior Nun, the new teen drama available on Netflix

A new TV series halfway between horror, action and teen drama is coming to streaming: here are all the details of Warrior Nun available on Netflix starting July 2, 2020 Warrior Nun is the new series produced and distributed by Netflix available starting July 2. Just as the name suggests, the plot is centered on … Read more