How to mute Google Assistant on your smartphone

Google Assistant is one of the most useful functions of the smartphone, but it can create problems if we are in public: here’s how to disable it Google Assistant is the digital assistant built into Android smartphones and compatible smart devices. For many it is a great convenience, because you can command it with your … Read more

Discovered how elements are formed in stars

The Luna collaboration has measured the speedĀ of this process. The results concern a particular process that leads to the production of neutrons from a carbon 13 nucleus and a helium nucleus. The Luna experiment (Laboratory for Underground Nuclear Astrophysics) science collaboration has measured, for the first time, the speedĀ of the neutron production process with very … Read more

Fortnite, Epic Games launches contest for MAT Creators

There is time until April 9 to send applications: Epic Games is looking for MAT Creators for Fortnite that propose their creations to all players. On the official website of Epic Games has been launched a new competition, which will be open to players around the world. The famous video game manufacturer is looking for … Read more