Best apps to pay with smartphones

There are several applications, with different functions, to pay with smartphones both Apple and Android: Satispay, Apple Pay and many others. Nowadays we do everything with our smartphone: it’s a satellite navigator, a mini computer that allows us to be connected 24 hours a day, it’s a mini console to play games. For some years … Read more

Bitcoins pollute more than entire nations: how is this possible?

Cryptocurrencies need a lot of electricity to be validated, more than Finland uses: this is the reason why Bitcoins pollute more than some nations It is indisputable: Bitcoins and all cryptocurrencies have changed the way money is produced and exchanged. They were born in 2008 as a way to transfer money without banks or states … Read more

SIM card virtuali: pregi e difetti delle eSIM

La SIM Card virtuale, conosciuta anche come eSIM, è una particolare tipologia di SIM card con la quale si potrà attivare una promozione mobile senza dover inserire una SIM fisica all’interno del proprio smartphone.  La e ha il significato di embedded e indica il chip eSIM che si trova direttamente in tutti i dispositivi compatibili. Una … Read more

Fortnite, V-bucks are coming to stores: where to buy gift cards

Fortnite is ready to launch gift cards for V-bucks, the currency used by users to buy skins in the online store. How they work Fortnite’s foray into the real world. It has been rumored for some time that it would be possible to buy V-bucks, the currency used to buy skins and other premium content … Read more

Tractors that will make agriculture greener are coming

The self-driving farm vehicle is a good deal for farmers and the planet, here’s the tractor that will make agriculture greener. In his latest book, Bill Gates argues that saving the world from the climate crisis requires not only creating new, greener technologies, but also making them affordable enough for widespread adoption. That’s why electric … Read more