Wt:social is the new social network that fights fake news

Born from the mind of Wikipedia’s creator, it relies on user collaboration to defeat fake news and hate speech That fake news is a problem for all social networks (but also for instant messaging platforms) is a well-known fact. For some time now, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (but also WhatsApp, which has limited the possibility … Read more

Redmi K30 Ultra, the top-of-the-line smartphone with mini price: how much does it cost

Not only premium smartphones with high prices and record-breaking photo compartments. During the event for the tenth birthday, Xiaomi also gave space to other smartphones, with lesser features but still very interesting. To take the stage was the Redmi K30 Ultra, launched in China under the name of “Extreme Commemorative Edition”.┬áIf the Mi 10 Ultra … Read more

How to activate super dark mode on Chrome

Chrome is developing a new dark mode that makes the browser even darker. Here’s how it works and how to activate it Already last year, Google released a much-anticipated feature on Chrome: dark mode. For many users, however, it was a disappointment because it’s not a true dark mode: it’s a “half-dark” mode, being drawn … Read more