Ransomware, the virus that blackmails you thanks to social networks

A new type of malware exploits our data on Facebook, Skype or LinkedIn to ask us for a sum of money pretending a legal action against us The problems related to security for social network users continue. After the latest news about malware containing images on Facebook, a new type of ransomware has been discovered … Read more

How to protect yourself from EternalBlue, the NSA’s most powerful weapon

The recent ransowmare Petya and WannaCry attacks have affected many users by exploiting the EternalBlue vulnerability for Windows PCs, let’s find out what it is Tens of thousands of computers have been infected in the last month by two of the biggest attacksĀ hackers in history. We are talking about WannaCry and Petya. At the heart … Read more

3D printers, what they are and how they work

They are revolutionizing industry and are preparing to be used in homes as well, let’s see how they work and what 3D printers are 3D printers are becoming an increasingly important presence in factories and businesses. Why? Because they allow everyone to make small objects at low cost, choosing materials and shapes. However, it’s not … Read more

No more blue screen of death: Windows converts to green

Green is the color of hope. And hope, as you know, is the last to die. Maybe that’s why Microsoft has decided to update its death screen. No longer the blue color, identification color as much as feared by users, in case of a critical system error, but a more “hopeful” green. From Blue Screen … Read more

WhatsApp, new feature to respond quickly to your friends

WhatsApp is updating its algorithms of its Android version to implement the function of quick response in group chats, here’s how to use it After some time finally WhatsApp has decided to also provide on Android the function of direct quick response, ie the message addressed exclusively to a contact, within groups. This is a … Read more

How to use WhatsApp without consuming too much data

WhatsApp consumes a lot of data on your mobile connection and very often you run out of gigs before your monthly renewal. Here’s how to save data WhatsApp in addition to taking up a lot of space on your smartphone’s memory, it deeply affects the thresholds of your mobile data connection. Unless you have an … Read more

Windows 10 locks when it loses sight of the user

New feature for the latest version of the Microsoft system that automatically mouths when it detects that there is no longer anyone in front of the screen The new feature, very useful especially for those who care about their privacy, has already appeared in some versions in the testing phase of Windows 10 under the … Read more