Spotify, with the latest update resembles Apple Music

Spotify adds a very useful but not very original feature: here’s what it is and how to use it Spotify has made available a new update for iOS and Android. Starting with the downloadable version already today, users will be able to search the archive of songs on the platform by entering the lyrics of the … Read more

How to free smartphone memory

Have you accumulated photos, videos, downloads and apps on your smartphone and now the memory is full? No need to buy a new SD card, here’s how to free it Have photos, videos and downloads used up your Android smartphone’s memory? Would you like to free up some space, but don’t want to lose data … Read more

How to turn a song into a ringtone for Android

Tired of the usual ringtone? With Ringdroid you can turn your favorite song into a ringtone for Android smartphones There are a million interesting activities to do with your smartphone, but sometimes the simplest tricks are the best like, for example, turning any song into a ringtone for your Android phone, ready to be assigned … Read more

Internet a casa con carta di credito: le migliori offerte

Le promozioni Internet casa disponibili oggi sono molto più convenienti rispetto a quelle che erano sul mercato qualche anno fa, o anche diversi mesi fa. Il motivo è molto semplice: nel corso degli anni i costi delle offerte si sono abbassati e, al contempo, sono aumentati i servizi integrati al loro interno.  Tra i vantaggi … Read more

The best backup and security software for AV-TEST

To protect our devices from virus attack, it is necessary to install programs that back up and increase security Ransomware, that is, malware that blocks access to our data and demands a ransom to use it again, is a constantly growing phenomenon and represents one of the biggest risks on the Net. The best way … Read more

How to solve Iliad connection problems

If you have problems with no signal with your Iliad SIM you need to activate the 3G network: here’s how to do it on Android and iOS Improving signal quality and connection speed is one of the goals Iliad has set for the next few years. The fourth Italian operator, after an initial period of … Read more