Voice chats: with Telegram’s new features Clubhouse becomes useless

Telegram’s new voice chat features put Clubhouse in serious trouble and turn the messaging app into a powerful tool for broadcasting audio content. While the Clubhouse app for Android is still awaited and the platform is still only open to those who get an invite, the competition isn’t standing idly by. On the contrary, it’s … Read more

Galaxy F, the foldable smartphone will have 3 cameras

Samsung’s foldable smartphone will hit the market in early 2019 It will have a 4.6-inch screen and a triple rear camera. Samsung is active on several fronts: in the mid-range segment it is developing new Galaxy A series smartphones with very interesting features (in 2019 we will see the Galaxy A10 and the Galaxy A5o), … Read more

FlyZero, the zero-emission aircraft that would forever revolutionize the way we travel

Ready travel times and reduced environmental impact are among the main features of the new aircraft. The project consists of a hydrogen vehicle with no carbon emissions. Sometime soon, the way we travel could be completely revolutionized. The Aerospace Technology Institute has unveiled its FlyZero project: a new hydrogen-powered aircraft concept that would allow passengers … Read more