How to hide files and folders in Mac

Although it may seem a bit complicated on the surface, in the end hiding files from Mac takes just a few quick steps. Here’s what to do Do you often share your dear and precious Mac with other people in your home or office? Well, your personal data is under the gun of prying eyes. … Read more

Long-lasting graphene battery for smartphones and electric cars

The University of Central Florida has created a prototype capable of overturning the duration and autonomy of smartphone batteries. And even after 30 thousand recharges it doesn’t degrade One of the main goals of those who buy a new smartphone is to find the device with the perfect battery. The dream would be to find … Read more

How to create a digital book with ePubEditor

EBooks, or digital books, are the future of reading and creating one is easy: you can use ePubEditor that allows you to enter data and text. In recent years more and more passionate readers choose to abandon the printed paper to switch to the more practical digital eBooks. Once you have overcome your initial hesitation, … Read more