How to Choose the Perfect Cheap Gaming Chair

Choosing a cheap gaming chair doesn’t mean you’re choosing a low quality product: find out which features to evaluate. Gamers aren’t all the same. There are those who approach the world of gaming only occasionally, perhaps for a quick game to the title of the moment, and those who instead devote most of their free … Read more

TIM con DAZN: l’offerta per il calcio 2021-2022

Fino al 31 agosto 2021 i clienti TIM fisso potranno attivare la promozione TIMVISION Calcio e Sport al costo di 19,99 euro al mese per 12 mesi, invece dei 29,99 euro al mese previsti da listino  L’offerta TIM con DAZN permetterà di vedere tutta la serie A TIM e includerà anche il pacchetto Infinity+ con … Read more

How to open .dat files

Did you receive an e-mail with .dat files attached? Don’t panic: in this guide we explain you what they are and how to open them. Find out with Libero Tecnologia! If you often use e-mail, you will undoubtedly have come across .dat files. In fact, it happens that some documents, when attached to an email, … Read more