Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency arrives in 2021 in a “mini” version

Unannounced with great fanfare last year, Facebook’s cryptocurrency has not yet arrived and has also lost more than one piece in recent months but now the time seems ripe As early as next January, Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency, could arrive. It wouldn’t be the same virtual currency of which there was much talk in the past, … Read more

Four lightweight alternatives to Facebook and Twitter apps

Swipe, Slim Social, Twidere and Finch are four Android apps for both social networks that save data traffic and battery Among the most downloaded apps on smartphones and tablets, and without which many people just couldn’t live, are those of Facebook and Twitter. They are useful, but have two flaws: they consume a lot of … Read more

What is The Man in the High Castle about?

The Man in the High Castle, or “The Man in the High Castle” in Italian, is a 2015 American TV series. This series is in the drama, thriller, and uchronic genre and is based on the novel penned by Philip K. Dick. The series The Man in the High Castle can be defined mainly as … Read more