Telegram: new feature makes chats deleted even on other devices

Do you want to delete Telegram messages? Now you can: discover this and other features that the messaging app has introduced for users Every time we send a message, photograph, video or other material we put our privacy at risk. Data could be intercepted by third parties and removed from our control. Fortunately, today the … Read more

Kaspersky: attacks caused by exploits and flaws are increasing

According to the Russian company expert in cysersecurity, this kind of attacks has increased also because of the online publication of exploits A new alarm is coming on the computer security front. And to launch it is once again Kaspersky Lab. The Russian company expert in cybersecurity solutions in the second quarter of 2017 detected … Read more

12 Android apps to delete immediately from your smartphone: what are they

Check Point has uncovered apps containing very dangerous viruses on the Play Store. Here’s the list of apps to delete immediately Another 12 dangerous apps uncovered by Check Point Research researchers on Google’s Play Store, which is supposed to be a safe store and ultra-protected by the Google Play Protect service. The apps in question … Read more