Facebook bug: the social publishes old photos and videos without consent

On hundreds of Facebook profiles are resurfacing old content without the explicit permission of users. The social network confirms: it’s a bug Have you also noticed something strange on Facebook? Old photos and videos repurposed without any logic? The selection of these old posts, photos and videos is random and is causing quite a stir. … Read more

Honor Vision, the smart TV with built-in camera

Honor has launched the first smart TV with Harmony OS. It mounts an innovative chipset and integrates a pop-up camera. Here are the features During the Huawei Developers Conference that took place in China from August 9 to 11 there was also room for Honor, the sub-brand of the Chinese company that has been appreciated … Read more

Google’s AMP Stories, what they are and how they work

Stories on AMP will allow you to create engaging content that will be shown directly on Google’s search engine In the world of “Stories” (the images posted on social platforms and that disappear after twenty-four hours) the only company that was still missing was Google. It took a little longer than the competition (Facebook, WhatsApp, … Read more

Chili plants in the international space station: the experiment

The project is called Plant Habitat-04¬†and soon astronauts will be able to taste the fruits of this plant. The seeds of the Hatch variety, from New Mexico, arrived in space in April. Some chili pepper plants are growing on the Iss. Nasa’s experiment is called Plant Habitat-04 and plans to grow the 48 seeds sent … Read more