2025, the kitchen of the future according to IKEA

Ikea has tried to imagine what the kitchen will be like in 2025 by trying to “interpret” how people’s lifestyles will change Imagine a kitchen table that cooks food and suggests recipes to prepare based on the ingredients available. That’s the IKEA Concept Kitchen 2025 table, a futuristic – but not even that far off … Read more

Will charging your smartphone all night hurt battery life?

Many users believe that charging their phone at night or taking it to 100% can damage the autonomy of the device, but this is a false myth Many users are terrified of the progressive deterioration of the battery of their smartphone. After a few months or years it is normal to notice a decline in … Read more

From January 1, 2021 smartphones will no longer have FM radio

Bad news for all smartphone owners: from January 1, 2021 FM radio will be disabled and you can only use streaming, waiting to change smartphone. Radio is dead, or rather not: from January 1, 2021 all consumer electronic devices that can be used to receive the FM radio signal, that is also smartphones, will no … Read more

Intel lancia il Falcon 8+, il primo drone pensato per l’industria

L’azienda statunitense presenta il suo primo drone dedicato al settore industriale: il quadricottero ridurrà i tempi e i rischi del lavoro umano Anche Intel ha deciso di puntare sui droni da lavoro. L’azienda produttrice di chip ha presentato infatti il Falcon 8+, un quadricottero pensato per l’industria. Il Falcon 8+ non è il primo velivolo … Read more