Chatta che ti passa

La Chat è un servizio online molto diffuso che permette di comunicare in tempo reale tra due o più persone attraverso lo scambio di messaggi di testo o anche audio-video. Le persone che chattano si incontrano nelle stanze di Chat. Queste stanze virtuali, che possono essere pubbliche o private, in genere sono dedicate a interessi comuni o … Read more

Digitization, Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing

Digital transformation is changing not only businesses but also consumers, in this context the collaboration between SMEs and customers will be fundamental Digital transformation does not only affect businesses, from small to large. It is a phenomenon that also changes consumer attitudes and, more generally, the habits of an entire society. Digital transformation changes consumer … Read more

All the risks you run using Wi-Fi

When you connect to a wireless network, you run risks that can’t be underestimated. Between spoofing and sniffing, our data is in serious danger It is “on board” our computers (both laptops and, increasingly, desktops), our smartphones, tables and smartwatches, smart devices of all kinds and, in some cases, even cars. Having become indispensable to … Read more