Upgrade Italia: il convegno per affrontare la digital transformation

Le aziende italiane alla prova della rivoluzione mobile Tutto è pronto per la seconda edizione del convegno di Upgrade Italia. L’Appuntamento è fissato per il 9 Novembre, dalle ore 14, nei magnifici spazi del Pirellone dove protagonista della giornata sarà il mobile e le intense trasformazioni che sta imponendo nel business delle aziende. Ormai è … Read more

This stylish coffee table plays music and also charges your phone

It’s called Mellow and it’s currently launching on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, it has built-in Bluetooth and charges smartphones Can a coffee table be smart? The right answer is: nowadays every object can have functions smart. And that’s why Mellow was born. It is a simple table, with an elegant design, but it has built-in Bluetooth, … Read more

How to download videos from Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video service allows users to download movies and TV series and watch them offline. Here’s how to do it on PCs and smartphones After years of streaming being the go-to for several Internet services now the trend is reversing. Users, out of a need to save battery and data consumption, are increasingly … Read more