Farewell to the Galaxy Note series: Samsung has decided

There would be nothing more to do for Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. The decision seems to have already been made, the future is foldable If it’s not goodbye, it’s not much: the Samsung Galaxy Note series has never risked disappearing as now, in the same year in which, ironically, it turns ten years old. In … Read more

InkCase i7 Plus, the case that adds another screen to the iPhone

The case integrates a secondary display on the back with electronic ink, useful for viewing news, taking and editing pictures and reading e-books Smartphone cases are a dime a dozen. But the one made by a company based in Singapore, and for which a fundraising campaign was launched on Kickstarter, has no equal: it is … Read more

Black screen at Windows startup: all solutions

You turn on your PC, but instead of starting Windows 10, the screen remains black. Let’s not panic, this is one of the most common problems faced by users who have updated the Microsoft operating system: a black screen that immediately makes you jump to the worst conclusions. It can happen that Windows 10 freezes … Read more