The super charger that charges half a battery in 15 minutes

Chinese company Vivo has developed Super Flash Charge 120W technology that charges the smartphone battery in just 13 minutes: here’s how it works In China, it’s open war between smartphone manufacturers. But we are not talking about a war based on the characteristics of the devices, but on the speed of charging the smartphone. Compared … Read more

Windows 10, the new version is ready: space for news

The first major Windows 10 six-month update of 2021 is practically ready: here are the main new features and when it will be available for all users. The new Windows 10 update is ready to peep on the computers of users of Microsoft’s operating system. In fact, the 21H1 update will arrive (starting from) next … Read more

There is another animal that can reproduce alone: the discovery

The California condor can reproduce alone: the discovery at the San Diego Zoo, where two female condors have procreated without recourse to the male Some animals do not need a mate to reproduce: it happens to sharks, stingrays, some lizards – including the Komodo Dragon. They call them “virgin births,” or virgin births, and refer … Read more