The best prepaid cards for travel

Serial travelers need a versatile payment system with services designed specifically for those who are often away from home The boom in mass tourism has given rise to entirely new needs and requirements. Among these, that of ad hoc payment systems and tools for serial travelers. Whether it’s for business trips or vacations and leisure … Read more

Cybersecurity: connected toys increasingly dangerous

An IoT toy would jeopardize the privacy and safety of children and families. The teddy bear was allegedly hacked and messages ended up in the deep web Can a cuddly teddy bear piece turn into one of the worst nightmares for children’s safety? The answer is yes, if the toy in question is connected to … Read more

WindTre arrives the first remodulation: how offers change

WindTre has announced the first offer remodulations for some customers who had economically unsustainable rates. Here’s what’s happening After the first period of adjustment, the new operator WindTre, born from the merger of the two old brands, has begun to remodel some offers. With the merger, in fact, each customer has brought “behind” the old … Read more