Restored the first song created with a computer by Turing

The first songs created through a computer have come back to life thanks to the work of two New Zealand researchers. The music was created by Turing in 1951 After several years of work, two New Zealand scholars, Jack Copeland (of Chistchurch University in New Zealand) and composer Jason Longv, have succeeded in restoring the … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S10, momentous change: there will be the notch

The next Galaxy S10 should bring the notch also in the house of Samsung. The indiscretion comes directly from the developers conference of the South Korean house As per tradition, it will be one of the first high-end smartphones to be presented to the general public. Probably, its presentation will take place during the Mobile … Read more

The first call using a cell phone was made 45 years ago

On April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola, made the first call using a mobile device. In 45 years, the market has exploded “At Motorola we’ve done it, mobile telephony is a reality.” A few words are enough to announce a revolution. And these words have changed our era. It was Martin Cooper … Read more