QLED and OLED TVs: what are the differences

What are the differences between a QLED screen and an OLED screen? Which one is the best? Everything you need to know It’s easy to say LED TV, but not all displays with a panel composed of “Light Emitting Diode” are the same. On the contrary: LED technologies are many and varied, although the most … Read more

Backward step for Xiaomi: Samsung and Apple ahead again

World market power ratios in Q3 2021 show a shift in rankings between Apple and Xiaomi. Concerns about the chip crisis The struggle to get the better of the competition in the global ranking compiled by Canalys was and remains tight, with many giants vying for the top five positions – as many as the … Read more

This creature knows more than one way to grow back its head

Researchers have analyzed changes in gene expression during regeneration: growing back its head is not a problem for this creature That animals are able to change their appearance is well known: snakes molt, chameleons change color, in many mammals in the transition from infancy to adulthood change their teeth. Yet there is a microscopic animal … Read more