How to recover your Wi-Fi password

Sometimes it can happen to forget the password of our home Wi-Fi Network, here is a series of “tricks” to recover the credentials with a few clicks We often and willingly forget the password of the connection¬†Wi-Fi at home. This is because after logging in for the first time on computers and smartphones, the devices … Read more

How to play Snake in augmented reality

Nokia has made an augmented reality version of Snake available on Facebook: our face will be transformed into a snake and we’ll start eating apples The very word Snake evokes wonderful memories in each of us. Entire afternoons spent with our Nokia trying to complete the game and overcome the most complicated levels. Ever since … Read more

TV rights Serie A: a new low-cost subscription is being worked on

For the 2021 – 2022 season, the Lega di Serie A is working on a media company that should manage the production of the championship matches and the sale of TV rights Interest is growing around the television rights of Serie A for the three-year period 2021 -2024. For the season that will start in … Read more