Telegram, now you can collect chats in folders: how it works

Pavel Durov’s messaging platform now allows you to organize chats in folders/tables, so as to facilitate navigation between the various conversations Telegram continues to update and offer new features and tools to its users. In the last few hours, WhatsApp’s rival instant messaging platform has released update 6.0 with which it is possible, among other … Read more

Facebook and Google close the door in the face of fake news sites

Facebook and Google, in the aftermath of the presidential elections in the United States, and the criticism that has ensued, ally themselves against false and biased information No more hoaxes! This is, in short, the policy that the two giants are studying and adopting after being accused and harshly criticized, for weeks, of having influenced … Read more

Goodbye passport, Australia will equip airports with biometric sensors

The Australian government will spend about $94 million to integrate airports with smart cameras. There is no shortage of doubts on the subject Imagine arriving at an international airport outside of Europe and not having to go through any checks because a camera equipped with biometric sensors will recognize your identity. Now don’t imagine it … Read more

How to recognize a suspicious email attachment

Hackers often hide malware inside an email attachment. Before opening them, you should run an antivirus scan As experts have always said, the best weapon to reduce the risk of being hit by hackers is always one: prevention. That is, being able to nip the threat in the bud. Above all, this means being careful … Read more