28-day bills, 6 months of free services for TIM customers

TIM has proposed a reversal plan for customers who have been paying bills every 28 days. Here’s what the solution of the telephone operator With a statement on its official website, TIM has presented a compensatory solution for customers who have been paying bills every 28 days for a few months:¬†six free months of a … Read more

Tomorrow Flickr will delete your photos: how to save them

From February 5, Flickr will become pay-as-you-go for those who have more than 1000 images on their profile: here’s how to download them If you’ve been a web user for a few years, chances are you have a Flickr account, the first successful cloud-based photo storage and sharing platform. Launched back in the very distant … Read more

What are the names of the rovers on Mars and how many are

In collecting information about the red planet, robots have been a key tool and the first to explore it: things to know about the rovers on Mars. In the era of robotics and digital, the first to explore the planet Mars are robots, which over the years have managed to collect information and data very … Read more