How to recognize a contactless card and how payment works

The contactless method is fast and safe: how to recognize if your card is contactless and how payments work. Contactless payments are the protagonists of 2020, both for the Covid-19 pandemic that requires distancing, and for the fight against tax evasion through tools such as Cashback introduced by the Italian government. But how to tell … Read more

Tesla: here’s the new software to get to autonomous driving

The company will release its software update in December to give maximum power to the newly made hardware, increase autopilot tasks Tesla’s giant strides toward making a car entirely managed by autopilot continue. Following the release of the new hardware, Tesla has finished updating the software to enable the efficient use of these new features … Read more

Mario Day, because on March 10 we celebrate Super Mario

Super Mario is much more than just a video game character, he has become an icon of our society. That’s why we’re celebrating Mario Day Thirty-three years and not feeling it. On the contrary. The more time passes, the younger he looks. Super Mario must have discovered the secret of the elixir of life if … Read more