American Horror Stories: the spin off arrives

The anticipation grows for the release on July 15: the premiere of the spin off of the horror series American Horror Story. The spin off of AHS American Horror Story will be released in mid-July.┬áRalph Murphy’s ideas are rampant and he is a guarantee when it comes to suspense, horror and drama: he is the … Read more

Stranger Things 4 delayed: filming hasn’t started

Stranger Things fourth season frozen, Covid-19 halted filming: when will we see the trailer or know release and plot? Here’s what the rumors say Stranger Things 4 is among the most anticipated Netflix TV series, but also the one about which there are the greatest uncertainties. In fact, due to the anti-county measures from Covid-19 … Read more

Samsung’s four-in-one washer for a hi-tech home. Photo

Samsung unveils its revolutionary FlexWash + FlexDry washer-and-dryer system that includes two washers and two dryers in one system. “Everyone has different clothes and different ways to take care of them,” explained Seo Byung-Sam, President of Home Appliances at Samsung, and “FlexWash + FlexDry is a laundry system that adapts to any need.” The Korean … Read more