The Earth is gradually becoming less bright

Climate change is to blame, affecting the number and role of clouds: why the Earth is becoming less bright The Earth is changing a lot, at a rate that is difficult for us to observe but for the rhythms of our planet is very fast. And often, the cause or accomplice is climate change. We … Read more

Malware infects thousands of PCs and hackers make money with Bitcoins

Kaspersky Lab has discovered two botnets used by hackers to carry out mining activities, the system that allows to generate the virtual currency The success of Bitcoins, the virtual currency, has pushed hackers to resume an old stratagem used in the past to accumulate easy earnings. Kaspersky Lab, a company expert in computer security, has … Read more

WhatsApp updates, now you can mute a chat forever

On WhatsApp you will be able to mute a conversation forever thanks to a new tool: here’s how it works How many times have you thought, “How can I mute a chat on WhatsApp forever?”, but you couldn’t do it because there is no ad hoc tool? WhatsApp developers are thinking about solving this problem … Read more