Postal Police’s advices to fight cyberbullying

Through the Facebook page Una Vita da Social (A Life in Social), the Postal Police has released several useful advices for the new generations and for those who have been bullied online One of the main problems for teenagers on the Net concerns the issue of cyberbullying. It is a growing phenomenon that must always … Read more

How to safely delete content from PCs and smartphones

Deleting data from storage media before selling PCs or smartphones will prevent anyone from recovering it. Here’s how to do it in absolute safety The rapid development of technology, combined with the policies of planned obsolescence that more and more companies seem to apply, brings with it inevitable risks to the safety and security of … Read more

How to recover SIM serial code

Composed of 19 digits, it allows you to uniquely identify a SIM card. It is used to change operator or recover SIM PIN If you have decided to change phone operator to join a more advantageous offer, you will certainly have been asked for the serial code of the SIM you want to bring under … Read more

IPhone 12 Pro, the first live video arrives: super screen confirmed

Most of the new iPhone 12 Pro Max’s features revealed: Pro Motion screen and top-of-the-line photo compartment A short video of just a few seconds shown by insider Jon Prosser on YouTube puts an end to one of the biggest doubts about the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro: the Apple smartphone will have the ProMotion screen … Read more