Ransomware, massive spam campaign spreads new version of Locky

Since its return to the Net Locky has been modified at least three times by hackers, making it more difficult to protect our devices We had already reported on the return of Locky ransomware, one of the most dangerous viruses in recent years. According to cybersecurity researchers between September and October 2017, the malware was … Read more

What are the apps to book beach umbrellas

The apps will help users go to the beach to safely book umbrellas and sunbeds. Here are the apps to use One of the big questions of the first post-coronavirus summer is about beaches: will we be able to go sunbathing and swimming? If yes, how will the managers of the beaches behave and how … Read more

Captured images of strange alien auroras on Mars

Luminous flashes of glowing atomic oxygen in the Red Planet’s night sky have been captured by the United Arab Emirates’ Hope orbiter spectrometer. A wonderful and mysterious alien aurora on Mars has been captured by the UAE orbiter Hope, which captured glowing trails of glowing atomic oxygen high in the Martian night sky with its … Read more

How to delete Amazon Prime Video history

Amazon Prime video allows you to delete the movies and TV series you have watched: here’s how to do it from your computer and smartphone As it happens on Netflix and YouTube, also on Amazon Prime Video you can delete from the history of the video streaming platform the movies and TV series you have … Read more