Why Windows 10 says Wi-Fi network is not secure

With the May Update 2019, Windows is showing an alert in case you connect to an insecure network. Here’s what to do If you’ve managed to install the Windows 10 May Update without any major problems and are able to use the 1903 version of Microsoft’s operating system, at the maybe you may have found … Read more

Fifa 20 vs PES 2020: comparison, features, price and release

Fifa 20 and PES 2020 are almost ready for their official debut: which game is better between the two? Find out in our analysis The diatribe has been going on for twenty years: FIFA or PES? Every September the challenge between fans loyal to a title rather than another is rekindled, and this year, there … Read more

What does the NSFW acronym mean

This acronym first appeared online back in the 1990s and is a warning of sorts. Here’s what it means In recent weeks, it’s been back in the news thanks to Twitter’s decision to “censor” NSFW content and profiles. The microblogging social, in fact, has limited the vision of these accounts, asking users to verify their … Read more