Call centers, here comes the AGCOM tool to defend against scams

The Authority for Guarantees in Communications has created a new tool on its site that allows us to find out the information of call centers The Authority for Guarantees in Communications, better known in Italy as AGCOM, has created a new tool to help consumers defend against telephone scams. Thanks to this new solution we … Read more

The best platforms to listen to podcasts

Podcasts, especially in recent years, are an integral part of our daily lives. Born at the beginning of the 2000s, they are now experiencing a second youth, just when they seemed destined for oblivion, and only recently have we realized how much this innovative format for providing information and entertainment has revolutionized an entire sector … Read more

Google Maps peeks at addresses in phone clipboard

Google Maps introduces a new feature to improve usability. Provided, however, that the user gives up a small slice of their privacy That Google cares about our personal data is well known. The Mountain View giant exploits our online searches and interactions with Android smartphones to retrieve information about our habits and preferences and offer … Read more