How to recover PIN SIM Fastweb

Did you forget your Fastweb SIM PIN and don’t know what to do? Don’t worry: just follow our guide to find the most suitable procedure for you Although they are two of the most important codes for the security of our smartphone, we forget them with an alarming frequency. In fact, probably no one will … Read more

Xiaomi confirms: Mi Mix 4 will have an under-screen camera

This time we’re in: from the words of an Xiaomi executive it emerges that the project of a Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 with an under-screen camera is not under discussion Judging by the rumors that have been flowing with regularity in recent weeks, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 project will happen. It seemed unlikely that … Read more

Apple Watch SE, working on a cheap smartwatch

Apple is working on the Apple Watch SE, a budget version of the smartwatch coming in 2021. Here’s the price and features After the iPhone SE, now comes the Apple Watch SE. The Cupertino company is aiming at the mid-range market and is working on the budget smartwatch, which could arrive in 2021 along with … Read more